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Product Description

Caroline’s Lip Balm helps to protect, maintain and support healthy lips and skin.

Caroline’s Lip Balm is typically used to alleviate conditions such as dry, irritated or cracked skin and may also be used by individuals who typically suffer extremely dry skin and/or compromised skin barrier health. For example, in conditions such as cold sores, abrasions, dry feet and heels, chapped lips, etc.

Caroline’s Lip Balm can be applied topically as required for the management of dry skin and minor skin disorders. Use suitable implement to apply to skin.

Caroline’s Lip Balm helps maintain healthy lips

 Cold sores, cuts and cracks around the mouth

Apply as required for the management of dry skin and minor skin disorders

 Can be used in conjunction with Caroline’s Cream and Wash

Caroline’s Lip balm contains the following Natural emollient oils and ingredients

 Simmondsia chinensis seed oil
Wheatgerm Oil
Tocopherols concentrate – mixed (low-alpha type)
Borago officinalis seed oil
Beeswax – white
Rosa Canina Fruit Oil
Golden Seal Root Dry root extract
 Calendula flower dry extract
Slippery Elm Bark Powder extract
Handroanthus impetiginosus
St John’s Wort herb dry extract
Styrax benzoin tincture.

Please note: Caroline chooses not to use the following in her therapeutic skincare products:
star Paraben based preservatives
star Fragrances
star SLS
star Lanolin
star Nut based ingredients

Check the ingredients for allergies; if concerned patch test before use.

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