Caroline’s Lip Balm


Caroline’s Lip Balm helps to protect, maintain and support healthy lips and skin.

Caroline’s Lip Balm is a low irritant and pH balanced formulation and is typically used to alleviate conditions such as: dry, irritated or cracked skin and may also be used by individuals who typically suffer extremely dry skin and/or compromised skin barrier health, for example in conditions such as: cold sores, abrasions, dry feet and heels, chapped lips etc.

Can be applied topically as required for the management of dry skin and minor skin disorders.

Use suitable implement to apply to infected skin. Suitable for all ages and skin types.

Caroline’s Lip Balm helps protect against and manage the following

star Cold sores, cuts and cracks around the mouth
star Effects of Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Extra Dry Skin
star Emollient, soothing balm, supports normal healthy skin function
star Apply as required for the management of dry skin and minor skin disorders
star Can be used in conjunction with Caroline’s Cream

Caroline's Lip Balm includes the following soothing, emollient oils and skin conditioning ingredients

star Wheatgerm Oil
star Borage Oil
star Golden Seal Herbal Extract
star Rosehip Oil
star Slippery Elm Extract
star Simple Tincture of Benzoin
star Vitamin E (Nat)
star Jojoba Oil
star Pau D’Arco
star St John’s Wort Extract
star Beeswax

Caroline’s Lip Balm Key Benefits

star Pleasant tasting and absorbs easily
star Can be used daily and applied as required
star Suitable for all ages
star 100% Naturally derived
star Built in lip applicator
star Apply topically as required to help soothe and protect lips
star Can be used by those who typically suffer from
extremely dry skin
star Can be used in conjunction with Caroline’s Cream and Wash
star Made in Australia

Caroline chooses not to use the following ingredients in her therapeutic skincare

star Chemical based preservatives
star Fragrances
star Nut products
star propylene Glycol
star Lanolin
Caroline’s Lip Balm is 100% naturally derived and is suitable for all ages and skin types