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Caroline’s Story


My name is Caroline Monet, and I am the proud founder, creator and director of Caroline’s Skincare.

More than 20 years ago, while working as a massage therapist, I developed debilitating eczema on my hands. Consequently, my new career as a therapist ended rather abruptly, and a short time later, after my daughter was born, my condition began to worsen. So, as is the case for so many people afflicted with skin problems, my seemingly endless search for a solution began. Ultimately, it was my lifelong interest in traditional and natural therapies that paved the way to me creating a home remedy that would finally bring me not only welcome relief, but also a deep sense of purpose and a passion for making a difference that continues to inspire me.

Today, I continue to be driven by an unshakable desire to help people, and to continue my mission of operating an ethical, sustainable therapeutic skincare enterprise from my home soil of Western Australia – all the while maintaining my firm commitment to keeping my products Australian made.

Initially formulating a therapeutic skin cream in my home kitchen – drawing on my lifelong passion for aromatherapy and natural remedies – I soon arrived at a formula that offered me lasting relief from my condition. Eager to share this breakthrough with friends and family suffering from a host of frequently painful conditions including mild eczema, mild psoriasis, and mild dermatitis, I began to distribute my cream in person, often with my young daughter in tow. The results were frequently, happily surprising. Before long, several people were routinely requesting my cream – including the three-year-old daughter of a friend, who took to requesting that her mum apply “Caroline’s Cream”to soothe her itchy skin at night. And so Caroline’s Skincare’s flagship product Caroline’s Cream was born.

In the more than 18 years since Caroline’s Cream was launched, and following rigorous testing and the positive feedback of customers far and wide, I have developed and launched a sister product in the multi-purpose Caroline’s Wash, along with signature lip balm Lip Fix by Caroline’s – an emollient barrier rich in natural lipids and that helps to protect lips affected by cold sores, dermatitis, eczema, chapping, and dryness – and the industry-leading Serum No.14. Through it all, Caroline’s Skincare has offered people across Australia and the world simple, accessible, and effective care for their skin. Caroline’s products are suited to people of all ages and skin types.

Key to my unquenchable passion for skincare are the letters, emails and telephone calls I receive almost every day from people who enjoy the benefits of using my products. I am so incredibly thankful for this feedback, which inspires me to ensure that my products are as readily available as possible to all those people in need of relief.

In an effort to ensure my customers ready access to the products they depend upon into the future, Caroline’s Skincare offers a dedicated online store, delivering Caroline’s products directly to your door, both across Australia and overseas.

Responding to the challenges of 2020 has led me to reflect on those things that are truly important to me. With all of the businesses stresses aside, the past year has reaffirmed my certainty that I want to keep making my products for people. I have been knocked down so many times, but I always find a way to get back up again. And what gets me up is that I have a purpose.

For further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact one of my wonderful team members or I. We would love to help you in any way we can.


Caroline Monet
Creator & Founder, Caroline’s Skincare

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